Premises Liability

We trust that the buildings we enter are safe and functional for at least the time that we will be there. This is reasonable and necessary to live our day to day lives without fear. However, this trust is sometimes misplaced. Especially as a building ages and the wear and tear starts to affect its structure, a premises can quickly become unsafe. It is, in this case, the responsibility to property owners to care for and maintain their buildings so that they may remain safe for all who enter. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur.

Common premises liability cases involve: elevator / escalator injuries, slip and fall accidents, porch collapse, stair collapse, fires, toxic molds, lead paint exposure, mercury poisoning, pesticide exposure, swimming pool injuries.

Any accident involving the collapse of a structure in a building is often the result of the wear and tear that comes with a buildings ageing and frequent use. A building is way more likely to break down as years pass than due to an initial design flaw right after it is built. Buildings must be maintained and these structures must be consistently reinforced as time goes on so that injuries can be avoided. It is the responsibility of property owners to maintain their structures.

Injuries caused by dangerous premises can be extremely harmful and in some cases, life threatening. Because of the nature of such incidents, these are rarely simply unfortunate accidents. Many times, they would have been preventable if there had been proper upkeep and care of the building by property owners. Therefore, these often the fault of the carelessness or neglect of the product manufacturer or another party. In these cases the victim of such an injury may be owed certain damages.

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