Employment Contract: An Important Consideration for Business Owners

After getting everything ready for your business to finally kick off or if your company has been around for some time, is doing good business and requires additional manpower, the basic question is always, “who to hire?”

With regard to hiring the right persons and landing them in the right position, this is no longer a worry to many firms, such as WorkSTEPS, Inc., a functional employment testing firm, which started in the early 1990s. WorkSTEPS, Inc. allows a business to focus on running its business for greater productivity; it also directs a firm’s focus on further developing the skills of its well-chosen employees instead of sorting through a bulk of application forms in the hope of finding someone who would be a perfect fit in the business.

It is the work of a functional employment testing firm to effectively identify an employee’s or applicant’s qualifications, strengths, skills, and physical and mental capabilities, to enable employers to match them with the right position. For companies that acquired the services of functional employment testing firms, what followed were substantial reduction in workplace injuries, group health costs, workers’ compensation premium and employee turnover, and a significant improvement in worker productivity and even workplace safety.

After identifying the right employee comes a business owner’s greater concern – the employment contract, which can be unique from one employee to another; this depends, of course on the specific type of work and the employee’s overall qualification or expertise.

While there is still the traditional written contract that an employee needs to sign, for formality and legality, there are also cases, like in smaller companies, when employers and employees simply agree orally with regard to the kind of work the employees will perform, the duration of the work, the amount of pay and the benefits that the employees will and can enjoy.

Preparing an employment contract is never an easy task, though, as it needs to ensure that no laws are violated and that both employer and employee will benefit from the terms of employment. While WorkSTEPS, Inc., with web address, www.worksteps.com, can take care of finding the right people that will satisfy employers’ requirements and standards, Cedar Rapids business lawyers can take care of the contents of the employment contract which employers are willing to provide and which the hired employees will find greatly interesting and inviting. These contents, besides the employment date, salary, and benefits, can also include vacation and sick leave, health benefits, grievance procedures, and employee behavior after the end employment, among others.

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