Personal Injury: Accidents Involving Pedestrians

A car collision can cause severe physical injuries to the drivers involved and to the car’s other passengers (if there are any); imagine, however, the severity of harm it can cause pedestrians. Without anything to protect them from the forceful impact of an incoming vehicle, an accident will surely not leave a pedestrian unscathed: worst scenario is he/she may either suffer a severe injury or untimely death.

An article on the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® airs the same concern, saying that the pedestrian will always be in the losing end; more so if the vehicle involved in the accident is an SUV or a truck as these vehicles’ bumpers can be higher than the pedestrian’s waist level [studies have shown that when a person is hit by a car (the bumper of which is below the person’s waist level), it would lift him/her onto the car’s hood; if the vehicle’s bumper is above the waist level, though, then the pedestrian can be thrown forward first and then possibly be run over by the vehicle].

Every year, around 70, 000 pedestrians figure in a car accident; about 4, 500 of these are fatal or end in death a few days after the accident. According to the National Safety Council, the greater majority of non-fatal pedestrian accidents happen in urban areas, where the volume of cars and pedestrian activities are always high. Fatal accidents, however, are more frequent in rural areas, where traffic is much lighter, allowing vehicles to run a greater speed; the absence of sidewalks, shoulders (as pedestrian facilities), paths and street lighting at nighttime (for greater visibility of pedestrians) also increase the risk of accidents.

Now, what makes pedestrian safety a concern for everyone? The fact that all Americans use streets and sidewalks longer and more often than driving their car. In fact, being a pedestrian is one thing that all Americans have in common. Besides walking, the description of a pedestrian also applies to joggers or to someone waiting for a cab or the bus at a street corner – it actually refers to anyone who is on foot.

To make streets safer for pedestrians and motorists, some car manufacturers have began introducing accident avoidance technologies in motor vehicles that will give drivers the needed capability to avoid crashing into anything or anyone. Among these modern safety features are the Forward Collision Warning system, the Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake, and the Automatic Braking system. While there are features that simply slow down the vehicle to significantly reduce the force of impact (leaving the rest to the driver), there are systems that are capable of fully activating the brakes (without the need for driver input).

Accident avoidance technologies actually use car computers and sensors (radar, laser of video data) to detect any imminent collision with a pedestrian or another vehicle. Not all newly manufactured vehicles, however, are equipped with an accident avoidance technology, thus, one may consider choosing one (when purchasing a vehicle) that is equipped with a safety device.

A victim may be entitled to compensatory claims from the liable party/individual, but more often than not, however, it will be necessary to prove the other’s liability and support the injury with proper documents – a task that will definitely become easier and more orderly with the assistance of a personal injury attorney based in Santa Clarita.

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